TCTS 2012 Campaign

Celebrating 5 years!
The 2012 campaign will be held from the 16 to 27 July 2012.

The Teach Children to Save South Africa™ (TCTS SA™) programme will be celebrating five years of grooming our youth to be Savvy Savers!!! TCTS SA™ is a generic financial literacy programme rolled out annually to learners nationwide. The TCTS SA™ lesson plan is integrated within the school curriculum.

In 2008 TCTS SA™ was conceptualised to embark on a journey with selfless volunteers, enthusiastic learners, schools, government, banks and financial sector institutions.

Since July 2008 to date TCTS SA™ through 15 banks and 28 financial sector institutions has empowered more than 350,000 learners in over 1,500 schools. Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals become “teachers-for-an-hour” and impart their skills and work-based knowledge to teach learners about the lifelong habit of saving.

The 5 objectives of TCTS SA™ are to:
  1. foster a culture of saving
  2. promote volunteerism
  3. create awareness about the value of money and the importance of savings
  4. promote financial literacy
  5. assist learners appreciate the power of choice

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