Savings Month 2009

This year SASI embarked on an aggressive and collaborative campaign with all Financial Practitioners and Development Financial Institutions to take the message of saving including basic financial planning skills to learners and all consumers alike. A number of initiatives were conducted across the country to relay this message including Teach Children to Save, Media Broadcasts, Workshops & Seminars.


Summary of Activities:

1. Pre-Cursor Media Campaign

  • Savings Review Feature in the Independent Newspapers nationwide
30 June 2009
2. Launch of Savings Month & unveiling of the month’s activities

  • Breakfast Meeting
  • Venue- IDC Auditorium, Sandton
  • Media Interviews
06 July 2009
3. Teach Children to Save SA (TCTS SA™ 2009)

  • Launch event in NW: Tumagole PS, Phokeng-Rustenburg on 22 July 2009
  • TCTS SA™ in Gauteng: Ikage PS, Alexandra on 23 July 2009
  • Gifts for the learners- money Boxes/booklets/etc
  • Banners/Stickers
20–24 July 2009
4. Media campaign

  • Print Media
  • Radio Interviews/Talk-shows- all stations
  • TCTS SA™ week- Media coverage
  • Road-show
  • Banners/flyers/brochures
01-10 August 2009
5. Savings Workshop (SASI/ERSA)

  • Venue – Reserve Bank Conference Centre
  • Guests – Policy makers, Regulators, Financial practitioners
04-05 August 2009

Saving under a Financial Crisis

“Savings are most certainly crucial to our future. So don’t let the Credit crunch cramp your future. You can still make an effort to save and avoid compromising personal wealth accumulation and capital investment. Whereas the credit crunch is a reality, it is temporary while saving is long-term. Thus, we may have to adjust our spending patterns and remain focused on the long term goal to increase our savings rate. This focus will also help the country recover faster from the current financial downturn. With households contributing a dismal -0.3% (2009) towards a gross savings of 15%(2009) while debt levels stand at whooping 75.3%(2009) of disposable income, it is obvious that this combination of lower savings and growing household debt has the tendency of increasing household vulnerability. Understanding the reasons for the continued deterioration in personal savings and promoting a savings culture amongst all South Africans remains a key objective of SASI”. These were the opening words of Dr Sheshi Kaniki, Deputy Chairman of the Institute for the 2009 Savings Campaign.

Previously, the Institute called on South Africans to put on their savings shoes and ride the rainbow to reach the proverbial Pot of Gold. Realizing that more and more people’s expenditure baskets continued to be dominated by consumption, SASI was inspired to tell South Africans, “Tighten your Savings Belt“. Given the prevailing economic circumstances, we feel South Africans need to tighten their savings belt by spending wisely in order to come out of the credit crunch that could wipe out their incomes in the absence of a savings plan. This is in light of the savings trend, that’s still dismal, added Dr Sheshi.


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