GMW Money Box Challenge

Piggy banks and money boxes have been around for thousands of years! The origins of the name ‘piggy bank’ dates to the Middle Ages when Pygg, an orange colored clay, was used to make pots to store money. The name pygg jars evolved to be known as ‘Pig Banks’, and the rest is history!

How to join?
Step  Print out GMW Logo/s under the ‘Resources’ section on
Step  Take a photo of your money box and place GMW logo next to it. You can add your country flag, wear national clothes, hold balloons, etc.

The Money Box can be designed or created in ways that:

  • It reflects a country’s culture/ currency.
  • Represent things that children and youth are saving for e.g. if you are saving for sweets then the box is covered by sweet wrappers.
  • It has a photo or drawing of what you are saving for.

Step  Share and post it on  using all of the following hashtags #GMW2018 #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMWChallenge
Step  Encourage your friends, family, communities and institutions to share your post. The winner is the photo with most likes!

The competition opens: Monday, 12 March 2018
The competition closes: Sunday, 18 March 2018
The winner will be announced on our GMW Facebook at 14:00PM (CET) on Friday, 30 March 2018.