While we do acknowledge the spirit of giving that characterizes the Christmas season, we believe that responsible spending – without incurring debt – is a far healthier option for any household. South Africans often hit the festive season as if it is the end of time, choosing to ignore the looming financial responsibilities, such as school fees and other bills that come only too quickly in the New Year. The South African Savings Institute is embarking on yet another campaign that can help South Africans enjoy the festive season, while also enabling them to meet their financial commitments going forward.

Objectives of the Campaign:
  • Raise awareness about / inculate a culture of saving for the festive season;
  • Guide consumers on how to avoid unnecessary consumption expenditure, so as to better meet the obligations that follow immediately after the festive e.g. school requirements;
  • Compliment / consolidate previous messages by the Institute e.g. the Teach Children to Save (TCTS) and the Varsity Savings Campaign.
SaveTips for Spending Wisely:
  • If you did not budget for the Festive Season trip, stay at home
  • If you didn’t save, don’t borrow to spend
  • Make the Season’s gifts instead of buying them, it puts more heart to the gift
  • Give your precious time to the needy as opposed to money during the Season
  • Invest in money boxes as gifts for children
  • Avoid buying on impulse, resist those SALE signs
  • When you see SALE, think SAVE, for next year’s obligations await
  • Have you budgeted for next year’s school requirements: fees, stationery, uniforms?